MTECHs Patented Technology is an innovative and revolutionary thermal process that generates heat through Hysteresis losses. By utilizing a strong uniform magnetic field, which is oscillated at line frequency 50/60Hz, the technology creates friction within the heated part uniformly through the whole Cross Section with precise controlled temperature. This produces superior metallurgical quality by eliminating the thermal warpage that occurs in conventional heating methods. MTECHs Patented Technology is very efficient and heats all kind of Metals. Not only Ferromagnetic metals can be heated, also Paramagnetic metals (such as Aluminum and Magnesium) can be heated uniformly because of the focused magnetic energy on their crystalline structures.

MTECHs Patented Technology can be a stand alone system or incorporated into robotics resulting in production flexibility and cost reductions. This significantly reduces both capital and operating costs associated with heat treatment. MTECHs Patented Technology is extremely versatile and handles most geometries and sizes of work pieces. MTECHs Patented Technology in current and future products encompass proprietary designs which yield many substantial benefits i.e. energy savings, quality, processing efficiencies

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  • Precise Heating up to 1,250 °F +/-4°F (677°C +/- 2°C)
  • Uniform Heating throughout the whole Cross Section
  • Superior Quality Metallurgy. Thermal stress caused by conventional heating methods are virtually eliminated.
  • Handles Various Geometries, Sizes and Shapes.
  • Energy Efficient
  • All Standard Line Voltages 115/200/230/400/480/600
  • Low-Frequency System – 50Hz/60Hz
  • Compact System- reduces capital & operating costs
  • Low Maintenance & Modular Systems
  • Versatile- Stand-Alone, Robotics, Automation
  • User Friendly- Digital Controls
  • Time and Temperature control mode
  • Human Safety Paramount - Heats only work piece
  • Ecologically Safe- no vapours, smoke, oils or solvents

What we have learned in MTECH to this date is that MTECHs Technology makes it possible to develop a wide range of new interesting products for new market. And the best thing is that we have just started this process.